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Revision Shoulder Replacement Surgery

What are your options if you have already had a shoulder replacement and you are having trouble with it? Are you having pain after a total shoulder replacement? Shoulder Q&A with Dr. Brent J. Morris, MD a revision shoulder replacement specialist

Aug 15th, 2019
When do clavicle or "collar bone" fractures need surgery?

Clavicle fractures, also known as "collar bone" fracture, are fairly common and can account for up to 5% of all fractured bones in adults. Many clavicle fractures heal without surgery, but some clavicle fracture types may lead to surgery.

Feb 16th, 2018
What is an AC joint separation or a shoulder separation?

An AC joint separation is one of the most common shoulder injuries. It is often referred to as a “shoulder separation.” The injury is a particularly common football and hockey injury and occurs as a result of a direct blow to the top of the shoulder.

Dec 31st, 2017