Posterior Shoulder Instability With Bone Loss - What surgical options are available?

Posterior bone block for posterior shoulder instability

Posterior shoulder instability is not nearly as common as anterior shoulder instability, but it is still relatively common in the office of a shoulder specialist. Patients with posterior shoulder instability often present to our shoulder clinic because they have significant posterior shoulder pain often following a traumatic event.  Non-surgical options are initiated to improve symptoms; however, some patients with severe posterior shoulder instability, especially with bone loss, often do progress to the point of needing shoulder surgery to correct their problem.


Posterior shoulder dislocation is often associated with bone defects. Surgical treatment is often necessary to address these lesions. Dr. Morris is a shoulder specialist with experience treating posterior shoulder instability.  Dr. Morris and his colleagues also completed a recent journal article that analyzed the available literature concerning bone block procedures in the treatment of bone deficiencies following posterior dislocation.


Dr. Morris and his colleagues wanted to know how patients do following posterior bone block procedures for posterior instability, so they studied this and published the results.


  1. Bone grafting is a reliable treatment for posterior shoulder instability with bone loss.


  1. Bone grafting for posterior shoulder instability appears to be associated with a low incidence of recurrent instability.


  1. Post-traumatic shoulder joint arthritis and osteolysis of the bone graft can develop over time.



The overall takeaway from the study was that there can be significant improvements after bone grafting for posterior shoulder instability with bone loss, but longer-term follow-up is needed.  Post-traumatic arthritis can occur (as occurs with anterior shoulder instability) and bone graft osteolysis as a result of Wolff’s law does develop.


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Dr. Brent J. Morris is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and fellowship-trained shoulder and elbow specialist in Houston, Texas.  Dr. Morris and his team have published extensively on shoulder surgery and ways to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction following shoulder surgery.  He is co-author of a book devoted to shoulder surgery.  For more information about Dr. Morris, visit us online at



Cerciello S, Visonà E, Morris BJ, Corona K. Bone block procedures in posterior shoulder instability. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy. 04/2015. DOI:10.1007/s00167-015-3607-7



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