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Shoulder Fracture Specialist

Brent J. Morris, MD

Orthopedic Shoulder & Elbow Surgeon located in Lexington, KY

Many shoulder fractures heal without surgical intervention, but if your shoulder fracture is severe, you may need surgery to repair it. Brent J. Morris, MD, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Lexington, KY, has extensive experience repairing shoulder fractures with surgery. If you fracture your shoulder, contact Dr. Morris for a consultation and examination to learn what your best options are. For your convenience, Dr. Morris accepts appointments by calling the office.

Shoulder Fracture Q & A

What causes a shoulder fracture?

A shoulder fracture occurs when one of the bones in the shoulder is broken in any place. These injuries vary considerably in severity.

Shoulder fractures involve one of three bones:

  • Clavicle
  • Scapula
  • Proximal humerus

The most common cause of all of these fractures is a sudden trauma to the shoulder. For example, you may fracture one of these bones if you fall on your shoulder, are involved in a car accident, or suffer a blow to your shoulder during a sporting event.

What are the symptoms of a shoulder fracture?

The most common symptom of a shoulder fracture is pain in your shoulder following some sort of trauma. You may also experience swelling, stiffness, redness, and limited mobility in your shoulder after a fracture.

Do all shoulder fractures require surgery?

Not all shoulder fractures require surgery. Some smaller fractures may heal on their own if you rest your shoulder, keep it immobile, and take medication for pain and swelling.

More complex fractures, though, may require surgical repair. The purpose of the surgery is to stabilize the fracture and make sure that it heals properly.

To determine whether your fracture requires surgery, Dr. Morris performs a thorough physical exam. He also orders scans to look at the inside of your shoulder and evaluate the fracture directly. If Dr. Morris believes surgery is necessary for your fracture, he explains why you need the procedure and how it can help your shoulder injury heal.

What should I expect from shoulder fracture surgery?

If you need surgery for your fracture, you should expect to be hospitalized for the procedure. You can also expect spend several weeks recovering from the procedure. During this time, Dr. Morris recommends that you restrict your activity, and for most patients, he prescribes rehabilitation. To encourage a faster, more complete recovery, follow all of Dr. Morris' instructions carefully.

Is shoulder surgery safe?

Like all surgical procedures, shoulder surgery carries some risks, but Dr. Morris is an experienced practitioner who knows how to minimize the risks associated with this procedure. When considering the risks, keep in mind that failing to have shoulder fracture repair when you need it may leave you with chronic pain and disability.